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Job Description:

1. Clinical Site Development like Doctors Enrollment as FDA approved International Healthcare Provider.
2. Clinical Site Development involves registration, application, Credential Evaluation, Research Documentation Supports, IT Healthcare Systems Setup, FDA Inspection.
3. All studies are conducted ethically, as defined by the Declaration of Helsinki, rigorously, as defined by the International Conference on Harmonization Guidelines (ICH).
4. To assist the Investigator in Screening patients, study document preparation, counselling the patients, dispensing the prescribed medicine, planning the follow up of the patient etc.
5. All study documentation like source document, Informed consent Document (ICF), case report form (CRF/eCRF) etc is recorded, handled and stored to allow accurate reporting, interpretation and verification.
6. Confidentiality of subjects is respected and protected (as defined by HIPAA).
7. Act as the main line of communication between Swanzo and the investigator/ site/ doctor.
8. Assist the Investigator/doctor with other research related activities.
9. Supervise the work of Research Assistant regularly and report the same to your reporting manager.
10. Report working and daily site report to your reporting manager.
Candidate Profile:

Qualification: Graduate in Pharmacy, Medicine(Allopathic/Modern, Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathic), Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Veterinary Sciences, Lifesciences(like Zoology, Botany, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Pharmacoinformatics, Microbiology etc.)


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